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If your business doesn’t have a valuable social media presence, it may as well not exist!

And creating value through social media is not only about posting product photos and announcing your next sales event!

It is not something any staff member can do–getting the receptionist or retail staff member to do social media for your business MAY keep your sites updated (if they can even remember or make the time to post and if they don’t run out of ideas!), but it will FAIL to be effective.

Effective social media requires someone who can creatively deliver valuable content on a CONSISTENT basis that will ATTRACT, RETAIN, and ENGAGE your potential customers and who knows how to achieve MEASURABLE results!

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With a degree in English and a background in teaching, designing, small business marketing, blogging for business, and previous employment experience as a social media coordinator, I offer social media services that center around my creative skills in copywriting, visual design, and engaging, value-based content with a cohesive online, goal-driven social strategy.

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