Why ‘Sales’ is Not a Good Social Media Goal

Setting a Social Media Marketing Goal

Most people will answer this question with a resounding (and obviously expected) “SALES!” which is the aim of marketing, of course, and should be the result of a good social media strategy, but is hardly a goal at all in social media.

A good social media goal should be specific, measureable, and realistic.

If you only focus on sales you are missing the whole point of being on social media, which is to be PRESENT online; a part of the internet party, able to take part in conversations with potential customers–to be social!
Focusing on only sales is like focusing on the cooked meal before you’ve even added any of the ingredients. And like cooking a meal, for it to be any good takes the right ingredients and the right amount of cooking time (i.e. the customer is warming up to you and your business before they feel like making a purchase).

Often, people seem to either not have thought about a goal or they have an unrealistic one (like getting a lot of fans quickly with zero ads budget).

Helping clients set S.M.A.R.T., realistic goals is one of the first things I do as a social media manager.
Comment or email me with your goal and I’ll tell you if it’s a good one or not.

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Social Media Managing Christine Rice