Why Every Business Needs to be on Social Media

Why Every Business Needs to be on Social Media

If your business doesn’t have a valuable social media presence, it may as well not exist!

This is a harsh truth, especially to a business that may be thriving without any social media presence. A business that is successful offline but that lacks a valuable presence online is like a wealthy elderly neighbor who keeps to themselves. Their home is occupied and everything is in order, but nobody knows who lives there because they never come out of their house!

No matter how successful a small business may be offline, when it comes to customer service, you don’t want your customers to feel like they are knocking on the door of an unknown elderly neighbor who may or may not come to their door, with the possibly of wearing a bathrobe and smelling like dirty laundry to boot. You want to be seen as approachable, professional, in tune with the times, and above all, helpful!

That’s where social media comes in.

Long gone are the days of newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages!

These days, everybody is online, reading the news online, Googling info online, recommending things online, and creating virtual ‘neighborhoods’ in cyberspace, even more so than they do in actual space, regrettably.

Having a professionally set-up and monitored Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account is not about selling to your potential customers directly; it is about adding value to their lives, answering their questions about what you do and who you are, and why they need you.

Being on social media is about being present at the new, virtual, community BBQ.

It’s about creating a familiarity with your brand that creates trust, loyalty, and an ongoing relationship that eventually builds not just one customer, but an entire community that will support your business for years to come.

Recently, an article entitled ‘The 1 Painfully Obvious Reason Nobody Follows You on Social Media’ from online magazine Inc. made an excellent analogy that many of my fellow social media managing professionals applaud:

Social media is like a fan–the thing you put in your room in the summer when it’s hot outside. The more you post, the more the fan whirs and spins and provides air. If you don’t post, the fan stops. And when the fan stops, it is no longer worthwhile, and you throw it away and go find a new fan.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make in social media is creating social media graveyards (which is to say, they basically just stop doing it at all!). They establish their social media sites but fail to post consistent, refreshing, valueable content that is relevant to their target customer–if they even come within range of their ideal customer at all. They blow out uninspiring photos, uninspiring copy, stale, smelly, inconsistent wind.

More like flatulence than smart marketing!

They never intend to create these graveyards–often they begin their sites with gusto–but once they understand the continuous demand for creativity and consistency, they lose their momentum.

If you’re going to do social media, do it right!

You can do social media yourself, you can train your staff to do it, you can contract someone to do it all for you, but whatever you do, do it right! Be valueable, or don’t come out of your house at all. You don’t want your business to look like the awkward, smelly neighbor who doesn’t know how to socialize!

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