My Services

Social Media Consulting ServiceSocial Media Consulting ~ Rates start at $40 for individual site evaluations and $150 for a full online evaluation & roadmap
• I can help your business get started marketing its services online using social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and more.
• I’ll show you the tools you need to manage these sites in a short amount of time each day to increase your traffic and sales.



Social Media Managing Service


Social Profile Management ~ After an initial evaluation, tech set-up, & roadmap as above, I offer various packages based on your social media goals, the number and types of platforms you use, and the source and amount of your content.

I’ll manage your social profiles and online presence to make sure you get the maximum value from social media without having to spend your time online!

Basic Service Package – If you are interested in simply ‘being                                                                         social’ and do not have an advertising budget, this service gives                                                                     you consistent, strategic posts, follower engagement, spam                                                                           deletion, and basic industry networking resulting in                                                                                       incremental, but consistent growth.

Growth Service Package – If you would like to dramatically                                                                             increase your following or lead generation, this service includes                                                                     all of the above plus ad campaign set-up, testing, and                                                                                     management, influencer outreach, and various growth hacking                                                                     options to suit your budget and business goals.

Additional Services:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Website Copywriting & Editing
  • Basic Video Production
  • Blogging & Content Production
  • Photography & Editing

Note: My service does NOT include:

  • Email Management